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Success Stories

Meet some of the many successful IU13 Community Education alumni!

Herve - former Community Education studentMeet Herve – “When you receive generously, it’s worth giving back the same way, or even more.”

  • Coming to the US for safety, Herve is moving forward to a brighter future for him and his family. Read about Herve here.

PatriciaMeet Patricia – ““I feel proud of myself and my husband Andrey, whom I met at IU13, for all our accomplishments as small business owners.”

Meet Zach – “The IU13 staff I worked with along the way have been greatly helpful and supportive of me from start to finish.”

Watum with familyMeet Watum – “After learning English and getting my diploma, my life has drastically changed.”



Community School students

Meet Binit “Improving English language skills and making friends”

  • Since arriving as a refugee in 2014, Binit has participated in English conversation classes, after-school activities, and a summer educational program. Read more about Binit here.

Graduation cap and diploma

Meet Jose  – “It was worth the effort, worth the push.”

  • Since he passed the GED exams, Jose Santiago has found a higher-paying job, started college coursework, and acquired an unshakeable sense of accomplishment. Read more about Jose here.

JuanMeet Juan – “Facing a drop-dead deadline, GED student beats the odds.”

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