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Gifted Network and Gifted Workshops for Educators

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The Gifted Network was created as a professional learning community for teachers and coordinators of gifted students. IU13 formed this network specifically for the 22 school districts and other nonpublic institutions in Lancaster and Lebanon counties, but districts outside IU13 can also participate as members.

Each year, IU13 organizes a series of network meetings typically held at the Conference and Training Center at IU13. Each meeting addresses topics relevant to supporting the unique needs of gifted students. Time is also designated for discussion about current issues in gifted education at the classroom, building, and district levels. Networking with others in the field of gifted education is an integral part of each meeting and allows for collaboration between participants. Online learning platforms developed for the network also foster communication and resource sharing across districts.

All 22 districts and nonpublic schools in the IU13 area are welcome to join the network. The cost is $60 per person per year.

A district or nonpublic school may choose not to join the network but still attend the meetings. A registration charge will be incurred for attending a meeting as a non-member.

When warranted, Gifted Education Workshops may be offered to provide additional professional development for all educators. The selected topics represent current needs in the field, and expert presenters provide valuable information that can be used directly in the classroom to support gifted and advanced learners. Gifted Network members receive a registration discount.

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