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ATTEND Program

The IU13 ATTEND Program is designed to address attendance concerns and their related behaviors in school-aged students (ages 5-21).

What is School Refusal Behavior (SRB)?

A student who demonstrates:

  • Refusal to attend school
  • Chronic tardiness
  • Difficulty remaining in class the entire day
  • Great distress when attending school

How ATTEND Helps Families

The reason(s) behind excessive absences vary greatly among children. Identifying and addressing the function for school refusal behaviors guides interventions. The ATTEND program:

  • Identifies reasons for missing school
  • Accesses resources to help students attend school regularly
  • Helps to maintain regular school attendance
  • Collaborates with students, families, and service provider personnel
  • Aids in the efficient communication of information

How ATTEND Helps Districts

The IU13 ATTEND program is a comprehensive, evidence-based program that assesses, diagnoses, and provides cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) supports for school-aged students (ages 5-21) with school refusal behaviors and related anxiety problems. The goal of the program is to work with students in combination with their families in order to address barriers to school attendance and increase the amount of time a student attends school.

The program features:

  • Psychological evaluation by a certified school psychologist to address underlying mental health condition(s),
  • Functional behavioral assessment in the home and school settings to evaluate the environmental variable(s),
  • Positive behavior support plan (PBSP) designed to address identified needs,
  • Support by a social worker and mental health specialist to assist with the implementation of the PBSP in the home and school,
  • Intensive collaboration between the ATTEND team, the student’s home district, and the family to identify and address student needs and cohesively implement the interventions

Download our ATTEND Program Flyer.

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