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Northern Education Center

Norther Education Center
135 S. King Street, Jonestown, PA 17038

Jonestown Elementary School was dedicated in 1957, shortly after the Northern Lebanon Joint School System was created in 1952. Before being sold to IU13 in May of 2023, the building served as an elementary school to approximately 500 students and 54 staff members, as part of the Northern Lebanon School District. The building was renovated in 1965, 1988, and 2001, and will only require limited renovations and general upkeep before opening as the IU13 Northern Education Center and serving students from Lancaster and Lebanon county school districts.

  • First Built: 1957
  • Renovations/Expansions: 1965, 1988, and 2001
  • Square Footage: Main Building – 59,548; Annex – 1,315
  • Purchased by IU13: May 2023
  • Total Renovation Cost: No major renovations needed. General upkeep.
  • Number of Classrooms: 27 classrooms, 1 Large Group Instruction room, 1 Cafegymatorium with stage, full kitchen, and playground with equipment.
  • Community Clothing Bank: The Northern Lebanon Ministerium, which is comprised of 30 churches in Lebanon County, will be using part of the building as a Community Clothing Bank. They plan to partner with the IU13 School-to-Work program and have students handle various jobs with the clothing, similar to what they do with Goodwill. The Community Clothing Bank will be housed in a section of the building separate from the students. It will be open during weekends and some evenings.