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Collaborative Job-Alike Meetings

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IU13 facilitates a variety of Educational Technology job-alike groups as a value-added service to our school districts in Lancaster and Lebanon counties. Most of these collaborative and networking opportunities are provided at no cost to educators who work in member districts. Please note that there are eligibility requirements for attendance at some of these meetings, which are listed in the descriptions.

For additional information about any of these services, please contact the Educational Technology Team.

These monthly meetings provide school district technology and media integrators/specialists/coaches with a forum for professional learning and sharing the uses of technology and media in curriculum and instruction. These collaborative meetings focus on participant needs and professional development supporting technology integration to maximize student learning.

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The purpose of this collaborative is to provide Lancaster and Lebanon county library stakeholders, including AccessPA member libraries, with pertinent information concerning technology tools, ethical and legal issues, and professional development on the integration of IMS and other media literacy specific tools/databases/strategies. Meetings are held in September, November, January, March, and May at IU13 in Lancaster and/or virtually with Zoom. There is no cost to IU13 IMS member districts.

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These monthly meetings provide Lancaster-Lebanon Virtual Solutions (LLVS) advisors and institutional administrators the opportunity to network with other district advisors to share ideas, challenges, updates, etc., in regards to online and blended learning.

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The purpose of the Enriched Virtual Forum (EVF) is to support district cyber academies to be the highest quality and most cost-effective programs which fully compete with other cyber charter programs available today. District teams will begin with creating a district action plan to outline the areas of focus and goals for the year for their district cyber academy. Meeting topics will be built around the needs and goals as outlined in the district action plans. Possible meeting topics will include resources from the National Standards for Quality Online Courses, Quality Matters partnership for use of rubric and review process, and the Digital Learning Collaborative national “think-tank” and resource provider for online learning programs.

In addition, for districts who are creating their own course content to supplement and enrich current district cyber programs, EVF will focus on topics such as course design, best practices for LMS templates, accessibility & WCAG compliance, and using open-educational resources (OER) and other instructional online content in the district’s LMS.

For districts who intend to strengthen their cyber academy programs, possible collaborative topics will include incentivizing and marketing your program to your community, building a complete K-12 program with supporting electives, honors courses, implementing industry-based credential options for Career Ready learners, learner engagement strategies, academic and support tutoring both synchronous and asynchronous, and online teacher professional development.

This Collaborative is included with Lancaster-Lebanon Virtual Solutions (LLVS) partnership and is available for a fee for non-participating districts.

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The purpose of the Virtual Teacher Collaborative group is to provide IU13 virtual teachers with a regularly scheduled time to meet with a network of other online educators to collaborate and share best practices for teaching in a solely online environment. Resources for virtual field trips, ideas for class meetings, and asynchronous and synchronous teaching strategies will be provided. Each collaborative meeting will be planned to focus on participant needs and provide targeted professional development that supports K-12 online learning. This Collaborative is included with Lancaster-Lebanon Virtual Solutions (LLVS) partnership and is available for a fee for non-participating districts.

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The Esports Collaborative now brings together IU12 (York, Adams, and Franklin), IU13 (Lancaster and Lebanon), and IU14 (Berks). The purpose of the Esports Collaborative is to provide any MS/HS educators interested in esports the opportunity to meet with a network of others to explore starting, exploring, and continuing esports programs. Time is provided to collaborate and share ideas, upcoming events, games, platforms, and opportunities with esports across PA. Current trends, opportunities for support, networking, and esports-related resources will be shared. Each collaborative meeting will be planned to focus on participant needs and questions, and to provide support in the K-12 esports environments.

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