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Student-Centered Learning

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This professional learning series emphasizes student-centered learning principles, integrating practical instructional strategies that can be seamlessly applied in the classroom setting. These active learning strategies prioritize personalization emphasizing competency-based and deeper learning techniques to achieve student-centered learning outcomes. The workshops aim to empower and equip educators with the necessary resources and skills to foster engaging, adaptable, and effective learning environments that cater to learners’ unique needs and abilities. All workshops will be structured to provide a mix of professional learning along with dedicated, supported implementation and planning time.

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This professional learning series prioritizes student-centered learning, starting with a focus on the station rotation framework. Participants will gain hands-on experience and strategies for implementing personalized and individualized learning approaches through the three learning modalities: direct, small group instruction; focused independent work; and effective collaborative learning. Attendees will engage in a variety of instructional activities and strategies with direct applications in classrooms including active learning strategies and learner-centered techniques.

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This workshop encourages educators to explore the potential of AI (Artificial Intelligence) to transform student-centered learning, with a focus on hands-on activities, discussions, and collaboration. The workshop begins with building a foundational understanding of AI and its educational applications and then explores various AI-powered resources and platforms to enhance learning. Participants will acquire strategies for integrating AI into their teaching practice, design AI-enhanced learning activities with peers, and engage in critical discussions about the opportunities and challenges of AI in education. The workshop addresses both the potential benefits and challenges of AI in education, enabling educators to make informed decisions about its implementation and take full advantage of the exciting possibilities that AI offers for student-centered learning.

(Included within the Student-Centered Learning Series or can be taken individually: Harnessing the Power of AI for Student-Centered Learning)

This workshop is designed for educators who are incorporating STEELS into their teaching practice, regardless of subject area or grade level. Participants will explore implementing STEELS in a student-centered learning environment. Through hands-on activities and discussions, educators will explore strategies for designing and facilitating student-centered learning experiences that integrate STEELS concepts. Participants will leave with practical resources and resources for implementing STEELS in their classrooms, as well as a deeper understanding of how to create engaging, relevant, and meaningful learning experiences for all students.

(Included within the Student-Centered Learning Series or can be taken individually: STEELS Unleashed: Incorporating STEELS into Student-Centered Learning)

This workshop focuses on classroom management strategies that support a student-centered learning environment. Participants will explore the challenges and benefits of shifting from a traditional teacher-centered approach to one that empowers learners to take ownership of their learning. Educators will have opportunities for networking with fellow educators, sharing experiences, and reflecting on best practices for implementing student-centered learning in their classrooms. Educators will walk away with a practical set of resources and techniques to create a student-centered learning environment that encourages active participation, critical thinking, and self-directed learning, all while discovering and honing their unique classroom management style.

(Included within the Student-Centered Learning Series or can be taken individually: Classroom Management: Strategies for a Student-Centered Learning Environment)

This workshop will focus on research-based differentiation strategies that empower learners to take the driver’s seat in their learning journey. Participants will explore the principles of student-centered learning and how differentiation can be used to address diverse learning needs, promote engagement, and boost academic performance. Throughout the workshop, participants will engage in activities to help them develop a deep understanding of differentiation and its significance in student-centered classrooms. They will gain insights into a variety of techniques for differentiating content, process, product, and learning environment, allowing them to tailor their teaching methods to meet the unique needs of each learner.

(Included within the Student-Centered Learning Series or can be taken individually: Differentiation: Strategies for Driving Success with Student-Centered Learning)

In a student-centered learning classroom, collaboration is essential for promoting critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills. However, fostering effective teamwork can be challenging, especially when learners have different learning styles, strengths, and communication styles. In this workshop, we will explore practical strategies for promoting collaboration in the student-centered learning classroom. In today’s rapidly changing world, learners need to develop critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills to succeed in the 21st century. Throughout this workshop, participants will review the core practices of project-based & challenge-based learning and SOLE (Self-Organized Learning Environments) as innovative student-centered approaches to emphasize active learning, collaboration, and critical thinking.

(Included within the Student-Centered Learning Series or can be taken individually: Collaboration in Student-Centered Learning: Strategies for Effective Teamwork)

Enhancing learner engagement is at the heart of effective teaching. In this workshop, educators will explore evidence-based strategies to create dynamic and participatory learning environments. This workshop will focus on understanding learner engagement vs. compliance, learner profiles, classroom structures and strategies that lead to lasting learning experiences, and the development of a personalized plan to implement student-centered strategies effectively.

(Included within the Student-Centered Learning Series or can be taken individually: Ignite Learning: Engagement Strategies for Student-Centered Learning)

In this workshop, educators will explore current educational technologies that support student-centered learning, discover innovative ways to integrate technology into teaching practices, and learn how to create a technology-rich classroom environment that promotes equity, diversity, and social-emotional learning Through interactive activities, group discussions, and real-life examples, participants will learn how to effectively integrate technology into their teaching practices to foster deep learner engagement.

(Included within the Student-Centered Learning Series or can be taken individually: Empowering Student-Centered Learning with Educational Technologies: Meaningful and Strategic Use of Classroom Technology)

This workshop is designed for administrators, principals, assistant principals, and district instructional coaches. The focus is to provide resources to demonstrate instructional leadership and coaching, support educators in improving their instructional practices, and support student-centered learning. Participants will be introduced to various resources, including walk-through forms, implementation success criteria, the district’s Student-Centered Learning Action Planning Tool, and focused, specific feedback forms to help guide their coaching conversations and support educators in implementing student-centered instructional practice.

(Included within the Student-Centered Learning Series or can be taken individually: Leadership & Coaching: Supporting Student-Centered Learning in the Classroom)

*Prerequisite: educators must have completed the initial station rotation implementation workshop
and/or the year 1 cohort requirements.
This workshop is designed for educators committed to continuous improvement and transformation of their classroom instruction. Educators will have the opportunity to reflect on their current instructional practices and engage in a collaborative process to transform their classrooms into student-centered learning environments. Through a series of
personalized learning strategies including but not limited to reflective practices, goal-setting exercises, and next-step planning and pacing, participants will develop a clear understanding of how to implement evidence-based, data-informed instructional future-ready practices that prioritize the needs and interests of their learners.

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