Substitute Renewal Information

SubstituteSubstitutes are required to renew each year with IU13 in order to participate in the Guest Teacher/Substitute Program.

Emergency Certified Substitute Teachers (IU13 and/or school district classrooms)*

Substitutes who hold an emergency permit for day-to-day substituting through IU13 must renew their emergency permit each year. All emergency permit requests must now be processed through the Pennsylvania Department of Education Teacher Information Management System (TIMS). This process applies to all emergency permit-holding substitute teachers, whether they work in IU13 classrooms, school district classrooms, or both. Substitutes must log into TIMS and initiate a permit request; the TIMS Orientation for Guest Teachers contains detailed instructions. Please also review the Frequently Asked Questions about the IU13 Substitute Renewal Process for additional information.

*This information is applicable to substitutes who currently hold an emergency permit through IU13. Candidates who are interested in substituting but who have not yet attended an IU13 Guest Teacher Training should NOT enter a permit request in the TIMS system at this time.

IU13 Paraprofessional and Special Education-Certified Substitutes

Substitutes who do not hold an emergency permit and substitute solely in IU13 classrooms as Special Education-Certified Teachers, or as Paraeducators, Personal Care Assistants, or Health Care Assistants, must complete the electronic renewal process each year. There is no fee for this renewal.


For more information, please call 717-606-1849 or email