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STEM & Instructional Technology in Special Education Classrooms

Teen student on laptop with teacherThe IU13 STEM and Instructional Technology Services Team provides direct teaching and training in the areas of STEM and Instructional Technology (IT) to our IU13 special education professionals and students. This team started in 2017 and has grown to include a Special Education Consultant during the 2020 school year, a center-based facilities STEM teacher in 2022, and a school-based DHH and MDS STEM teacher in 2023. The team provides information and customized instruction via workshops, coaching sessions, or hands-on direct instruction with students and teachers.

As educators themselves, the members of the IU13 Early Childhood and Special Education Services (ECSES) STEM & IT Services Team help students in IU13 special education programs be prepared for the future. We need a new generation of innovators in the STEM field and believe that all students can be innovators. Our goal is to show them how.

STEM is an educational approach that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics to guide student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking. The goal is to encourage students to take thoughtful risks, engage in experiential learning, persist in problem solving, embrace collaboration, and work through the creative process. STEM is also known as the Problem-Solving Design Process, a process in which students ask/research a problem, imagine/plan solutions, create an idea, test/improve, and, of course, share what they have learned.


Integrating Technology and STEM into Special Education Classrooms

Teacher with two young studentsIU13 strives to support learners in its special education programs with technology opportunities similar to those of their peers in the general education classroom. These efforts include:

  • Supporting a “service center” for IU13 education professionals to seek assistance, support sessions, and participate in both in-person and virtual professional development
  • Providing STEM Classes for IU13 center-based, and school-based DHH and MDS special education classes.
  • Providing ongoing meaningful updates, tutorials, and opportunities to IU13 educators effectively through the ECSES Instructional Technology News Blog
  • Capturing, celebrating, and sharing student achievements on social media
  • Seeking grant funding to support new instructional technology tools

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