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Serving education, businesses, and the community.

Safety & Security Consulting

Our program is designed to assist schools and other organizations across the Commonwealth obtain affordable, effective, and appropriate safety and security solutions.

Where none are found, we create products to meet those needs. Explore our wide range of safety and security consulting services in the following areas:

All Hazards Plan Consulting

If your district is looking for an organizational-wide All Hazards Plan — which covers 26 potential hazards — we have a solution for you. Designed around the classic format of prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery, this user-friendly guide is an invaluable resource should a tragedy strike.

By working with us to guide you through the process of writing your All Hazards Plan, you will have the advantage of starting with a template that is required by the Pennsylvania School Code Chapter 10. Simple checklists will guide administrators through the “response portion” of the crisis and help them transition into the “recovery phase.”

Our staff has traveled across the Commonwealth helping schools and organizations build a custom plan that works for each unique district. Through a series of four meetings, our consultant will guide your organization through the process.

Having assisted dozens of schools and districts through this process already, our approach is highly refined and tuned into the unique needs of today’s school campus. Plus, the cost of this service is both affordable and respectful of the limited amount of time school administrators have available to focus on non-educational subjects. Call or email today to learn more or get started.

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Vulnerability Studies


What safety and security solutions do you need? Our on-staff board Certified Protection Professional (CPP), John Baker, is ready to visit your location to find effective, affordable, and practical solutions for today’s schools and organizations, recognizing the need to strike a harmonious balance between technology, procedure, and building occupants. We do not sell security hardware, so you get an unbiased opinion about organizational security needs.

Consider having your study done on time and by our board-certified Protection Professional (CPP) and Crime Preventions Through Environmental Design (CPTED) specialist who looks beyond simple “target hardening” and crime prevention strategies. Why?

  • Few law enforcement agencies offer substantive training beyond crime prevention when conducting a study. We do.
  • Our CPP certified consultant approaches vulnerability studies with a comprehensive view.
  • CPPs, such as ours, understand the fine balance required between hardware, policy, and the people who work, learn, and visit a school campus.

A successful study will show areas of improvement, acknowledge areas of excellence, and provide action steps for moving forward with affordable and practical solutions in order to create a safer and more secure environment in your school. Contact us for more information.

Product and Services Review

A vendor has contacted you with a safety and security product or service, and it appears to meet your needs. Contact us to discuss this proposal before you make the purchase, and we will provide you with an unbiased review of the product or service. We will strive to affirm your decision, challenge you with some follow-up questions, propose a less expensive option, or provide you an alternative that may better serve your school. Contact us to discuss how we can help you make sure you are getting the “biggest bang for the buck” in today’s challenging economic times.

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Internal Investigations

You have learned about a matter that is extremely sensitive and requires a great deal of discretion to mitigate. We can help with your next internal investigation. You will find our rates to be extremely affordable, our investigations conducted with care and discretion, and our final reports to be substantive and easy to read. To discuss options, feel free to contact us.

General Security Consulting

Just when you thought you “saw it all,” you are faced with safety and security issue that you can’t figure out how to handle. Contact us today to help you discover a solution for you. Initial consultations are always free, so don’t hesitate to contact our team.

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