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Crisis Support (Flight Team)

The Lancaster-Lebanon Flight Team is a resource of specially trained responders available to assist schools and provide support to students during traumatic situations.

Using district guidelines, the Team’s goal is to help mitigate the impact of an event, plan for and implement recovery from traumatic situations as quickly as possible, and to monitor those students who may need additional support or counseling.

During a school crisis, district staff are often stretched just to handle the logistics and inquiries associated with an incident or event. With the support of trained Flight Team partners from other districts, home district personnel can more effectively and efficiently deal with all aspects of school operations. In addition, those outside the situation are able to offer an objective perspective on what is happening and, thereby, help school leaders anticipate logical next steps.

All Flight Team members work closely with the lead administrator in a district to help return the school climate to normal as quickly as possible. At the conclusion of each day the on-site team conducts a debrief session with the home school leaders to determine whether additional assistance will be required.

The Lancaster-Lebanon Flight Team is made up of trained teachers, counselors, social workers, psychologists, and administrators who are willing to render aid in response to a school crisis. In addition, the Flight Team collaborates as appropriate with K-Pets in providing therapy dog services. The Flight Team does not take over responsibility for the response, but rather, lends support, guidance, and suggestions based on their training and expertise.

The death of a student or staff member is the most common situation prompting a request for Flight Team assistance; however, other kinds of traumatic incidents are also appropriate.

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