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School Safety and Behavioral Health

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Ensuring that our schools nurture the physical, mental, and social health of all students and staff is more important than ever. Whether you’re exploring where to begin or how to continually enhance your efforts, there’s no need to “go it alone.”

IU13 provides a range of consulting, training, and technical assistance in the areas of behavioral health, school climate, and equity. Please see below for a variety of resources in these areas.

To learn more or to explore how IU13 can support your efforts in these areas, please contact us:

Behavioral Health & School Safety:

Susan Billy (, 717-606-1622)

School Climate & Equity:

Dr. Lauren Beal (, 717-947-1417)

Behavioral Health and School Safety Resources

Crisis Lifelines:

General Behavioral Health/School Safety Resources

Mental Health

School Climate

Social Emotional Learning

Suicide Prevention

Pennsylvania Resources:

National Resources:

Flight Team/Crisis Response

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