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School Safety and Behavioral Health

IU13 provides a range of consulting, training, and technical assistance in the areas of behavioral health, school climate, and equity. Please see below for a variety of resources in these areas.

To learn more or to explore how IU13 can support your efforts in these areas, please contact us:

Behavioral Health & School Safety:

Susan Billy (, 717-606-1622)

School Climate & Equity:

Toni Martindell (, 717-947-1522)

Behavioral Health and School Safety Resources

Supportive Learning Environment Collaborative

As schools strive to meet the challenges of providing high-quality education and caring for our students and staff during a pandemic, the importance of creating and maintaining a supportive school environment is more important than ever.

We’re here to help your school teams develop and implement plans to help!

General Behavioral Health/School Safety Resources

Bullying Prevention

Mental Health

School Climate

Social Emotional Learning

Suicide Prevention

Flight Team/Crisis Response

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