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Safety & Security Training

We put our expertise in safety and security solutions to work to create practical, affordable, easy-to-use training for your staff or organization.

Whether it’s for individuals, groups, or to train your own in-house trainers — live or via video — we offer a wide variety of high-quality training options to meet your needs. Explore our training library:

Act 126 Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting Act Training Video Series

Designed to assist school entities and independent contractors in complying with PA Act 126 – the Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting Act, this video series features content experts from across the state and is filmed with a combination of interviews, dramatizations, and reviews hosted by the narrator. Viewers will find the presentation to be informative and engaging.

While there are several similar programs on the market today, many of them require a per person/annual subscription fee. IU13 developed an affordable and practical solution for districts:

  • Flexible format — the series is divided into three 1-hour segments, appropriate for large- or small-group sessions
  • 5-year license for only $2,000, with no additional fees
  • Access unlimited during five-year license period

About Act 126

As a result of PA Act 126, which became effective January 2, 2013, all school entities and independent school contractors must be provided certified training on the provisions of PA Act 126 – the Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting Act. The Act states that a minimum of three hours of training must be completed every five years. This can be administered in a face-to-face setting, online, or via distance communication systems, provided that the training addresses all of the requisite topics.

This law not only applies to all school entities (i.e., public schools, charter schools, cyber charter schools, private schools, nonpublic schools, intermediate units, and/or area vocational-technical schools), but also applies to all independent contractors of school entities and contracted substitute teachers who have direct contact with children. Direct contact, per PA Act 126, is defined as “the possibility of care, supervision, guidance or control of children or routine interaction with children.”

All Hazards PlanAll Hazards Plan Video Series

In conjunction with the new All Hazards Plan model mandated by the Department of Education and developed by PEMA, this video series covers many of the 26 potential threats facing our schools today. These short videos outline the key concepts for a school staff. This series is designed to allow this training to be incorporated into a typical staff meeting by watching the video together then following up with a brief discussion of how the concepts shared apply to your specific school. This series is very affordable, and once your school purchases it, they own the series and can train staff and students for years to come with no additional costs.

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Violent Intruder/Active Shooter Training

Everybody is talking about some variation of implementing a “run, hide & fight” program. When it comes to developing a strategy for responding to an active shooter, consider our comprehensive “Responding to Violent Intruders” training. We recognize that the real issue isn’t just ‘active shooters,’ but also ‘violent intruders.’

We view responding to violent intruders as a “life skill” not just a “school skill.” With that philosophy in mind, this program moves beyond the conversation of active shooter and directs its participants to consider how to respond to any violent intruder they meet at any venue with any type of weapon or intent to cause harm.

Whether at home, school, or work, this course will provide participants with a life skill that can save lives and reduce injury. We offer this training in two models:

  • “Train-the-Trainer” (6.5 hour course)
  • Group Presentation (1.5-2 hours)

Call us today to discuss how we can help you deliver this life-saving information.

O.C. (Pepper) Spray Training

Many organizations have decided that staff may not carry firearms. However, situations may arise when some form of defense is needed. IU13, through a partnership with a law enforcement grade O.C. spray vendor, has developed a one-hour program to teach staff how to safely and effective deploy O.C. spray, when faced with a violent intruder.

This training will discuss the “tipping point” of when it is appropriate to deploy O.C. spray and what actions must be taken immediately following the deployment of the spray. This is a less-than-lethal option and requires minimal training, yet offers an effective solution for your organization to increase its options when responding to violent intruders. Contact us to schedule or learn more.

receptionistFront Line Training

Just about every organization has a group of people, or a single person, who are the first to encounter the public, as they enter your facility. This training will help to equip those employees with the needed skills to de-escalate visitors when they become agitated, coupled with the skills needed to stay safe when the visitor has crossed the line with civil behavior. Attention is placed on designing an effective work station to maximize your co-workers’ ability to stay safe during hostile confrontations. This is a 2-3 hour course designed just for your organization. Contact us for more information.

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School Safety Videos

Frustrated with the generic nature of most safety videos? We have designed a series of videos produced exclusively for the school setting. These videos were created by educators…for educators. Each video lasts between 7-20 minutes and is ideal to be viewed during a staff meeting, with a brief discussion afterwards. Explore our growing library of specialized school safety videos here.

Customized Safety and Security Training

We also offer a broad range of customized trainings geared toward non-profit organizations, faith-based groups, businesses, civic clubs, higher education institutions, and government agencies. Perhaps your school or organization has identified some unique characteristics of your school’s safety program that may require customized training. Whether we deliver the training or simply help you develop the resources, we are eager to partner with you. Contact us today and let us explore how we might help you.

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