Engineering By Design

Students and Teacher in science lab

Avoid the STEM curriculum pitfall of selecting a one-size-fits-all leading program with costly teacher training and equipment requirements!  Engineering by Design (EbD) is an affordable and flexible K-12 curriculum solution for STEM and technology/ engineering programs that promote STEM literacy for all students.

EbD Curriculum Access in PA

Pennsylvania is a member of the Engineering by Design (EbD) State Consortium through a partnership between IU13, TEEAP, and Millersville University.  Through membership in the EbD State Consortium, eligible educators in Pennsylvania are provided with no cost online access to EbD K-12 STEM curricula.  A statewide network aids in communication and includes regional centers for professional development.  To learn more about the PA EbD STEM Network or request access to EbD in PA, download the informational handout and instructions.

EbD Network Schools in PA

If you’re looking for a comprehensive STEM program that includes curriculum, assessments, professional development, and membership in an association dedicated to STEM, look no further. PA-EbD STEM Network School teachers receive access to EbD curriculum through a state-of-the-art online platform – EbD Buzz. Pre-assessments, summative assessments, and performance-based design challenges are included to measure student learning, and a dashboard puts real-time data at your fingertips. Professional development is offered through an online professional learning community, and lead teachers can attend a train-the-trainer session each summer at IU13. What’s more, Network Schools in Pennsylvania are provided with an ITEEA STEM School membership, which includes a number of additional resources aimed at supporting the implementation of STEM education for all students.  To learn more about becoming a PA EbD Network School, download the brochure.

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