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STEM Services

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Technical Assistance and Consultation Services

The STEM Team at IU13 is available to provide a number of services and on-site support to schools. Our staff includes experienced and award-winning educators who have served in teaching and administrative roles at the school district level and providing support to PDE for a wide variety of state initiatives. The team’s K-12 STEM experience includes: early childhood education, elementary education, secondary science, secondary mathematics, technology and engineering education, and school district supervision. Because of this wide range of expertise, IU13 is uniquely suited to provide the following services:

  • Curriculum and instruction audit (STEM, Math, Science, and/or Technology Education)
  • Curriculum alignment and development to standards and district priorities
  • Common assessment alignment and development
  • Customized technical assistance and on-site support based upon a school or district’s needs

Elementary classEnhancements

A number of programs are offered by the STEM Team to enhance the core instructional services at IU13. This includes partnerships with other organizations and grant-funded opportunities. The following are examples of the current offerings:

  • STEMATHON – a statewide STEM education conference that is held in Central PA during the summer
  • STEM Student Activities – IU13 offers a number of STEM-related programs for students including 24 Math and STEM student competitions.

Marketplace Products and Services

The STEM Team at IU13 has a number of high-quality educational products, resources, and professional development opportunities available for STEM education professionals and schools. The following are a few of the products and services that are available:

  • Customized on-site professional development based upon a school’s needs.
  • On-site instructional coaching and professional learning community facilitation.
  • IU13 is the PA-authorized provider of Engineering by Design professional development for elementary teachers and technology/engineering education teachers in South Central PA.