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Remote Recruiting & Hiring of Educators - Toolkit

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Using this Toolkit

As LEAs increasingly use remote approaches for identifying, attracting and hiring effective educator candidates, the following document can provide useful guidance, tools and examples. The resources are labelled “Launch,” “Develop,” and “Enhance.” By reading the descriptors below, you can determine which resources are likely to be most relevant for your LEA—although you may also find helpful content in other resources.


Launch: most useful for LEAs who have little prior experience using virtual recruitment & hiring methods, including limited use of the LEA website and/or other online platforms for recruitment and application processes


Develop: most useful for LEAs who already use some virtual recruitment & hiring methods (such as a vendor-run educator job posting site or remote interviews); who want to use broader and more strategic virtual recruitment methods


Enhance: most useful for LEAs who are experienced with various virtual recruitment & hiring methods (such as an interactive “employment” page on the LEA’s website or a social media recruitment plan); who want to continue developing and refining virtual recruitment & hiring strategies

Recruiting Remotely



Questions Answered in the Document

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LEA Employment Web Pages

Content Level: Some enhanced - Enhanced, Develop, Launch

Change the LEA website to attract effective candidates, whether through small tweaks to the text or a web page overhaul
  • What changes to the web page can attract candidates who are a good fit for the LEA?

  • What information should we prioritize on the site?

  • How do we make it easy for applicants to find this information?

  • What do effective sites look like?
  • Online job search platforms

    Content Level: Develop, Launch

    Leverage existing job search platforms to reach educators seeking jobs
  • How do the features of common platforms compare to one another?

  • How do we reach current educator preparation students—or recent graduates—virtually?
  • Educator job descriptions for online posts

    Content Level - Develop

    Optimize descriptions of job openings to attract candidates who are a good fit for the role, school and LEA
  • What information do effective job descriptions include?

  • How can we use job descriptions to show why our LEA is a great place to work, and to attract diverse applicants?

  • What do examples of effective job descriptions look like?

  • Social media for educator recruitment

    Content Level: Enhance, Develop

    Strategically use social media to attract effective candidates
  • Why and how should we use social media for recruitment?

  • What should we consider when planning recruitment through social media?

  • If we allocate a budget for virtual recruiting, how can we get the most out of it?

  • Retention conversations with educators

    Content Level: Enhance, Develop

    Hold early, virtual retention conversations with your effective educators to increase their likelihood of staying in your LEA and to help anticipate your future recruitment needs
  • Why should we hold retention conversations?

  • What’s important to include in a virtual retention conversation?

  • Staff involvement in virtual recruiting

    Content Level: Enhance

    Leverage current staff to recruit candidates and to keep priority applicants interested in your LEA
  • Why and how should we involve our staff in recruitment?

  • Which staff members should be involved?

  • What are quick and easy ways for our educators to help with recruitment?

  • What are more involved ways for our educators to help with recruitment?

  • What sort of information should our staff share with candidates to answer their questions and keep them interested?

  • Virtual information sessions

    Content Level: Enhance

    Use virtual platforms to cultivate a pool of effective, diverse candidates—and to gain the interest of candidates who may not know much about your LEA
  • How can we most effectively adapt an information session to a virtual environment?

  • What steps and timeline can we use when planning a virtual information session?

  • What are the technical considerations?

  • Who should be involved?

  • What content should we prioritize?
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    Hiring Remotely



    Questions Answered in the Document

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    Virtual hiring activities that assess desired teacher competencies

    Content Level: Some enhanced - Enhanced, Develop, Launch

    Ensure that your hiring process effectively identifies which applicants have the competencies that your LEA prioritizes
  • As we adjust our hiring practices, how do we determine whether we are effectively measuring our priority teacher competencies?

  • What competencies are associated with effective teaching practice?

  • What are some interview questions that can help identify these competencies?

  • What are some performance tasks that can help identify these competencies?

  • Best practices for remote interviews

    Content Level: Launch

    Conduct effective phone and/or video interviews
  • What are best practices for adapting interviews to phone calls or online platforms?

  • What are the technical/logistical considerations?

  • What are the interpersonal considerations?

  • Remote processes to complete hiring forms

    Content Level - Enhance, Develop, Launch

    Manage the logistics of final hiring steps such as I-9 forms and background checks while adapting to remote hiring
  • What do we do with forms that usually require an original signature?

  • What if educators don’t have access to a scanner?

  • What about fingerprinting?

  • Virtual options for demonstration lessons and other performance tasks

    Content Level: Enhance, Develop

    View several alternatives to help plan demonstration lessons and/or other performance tasks that can adapt to a virtual hiring process
  • Why should we use demonstration lessons or other performance tasks?

  • What if we can’t observe applicants teaching students?

  • What about applicants without prior teaching experience?

  • Consistent virtual communication with applicants

    Content Level: Enhance, Develop

    Throughout the hiring process, keep applicants interested in your schools through consistent communication
  • How do we retain high priority applicants throughout the hiring process?

  • How do we identify our “high touch” candidates?

  • How might an LEA plan for consistent virtual communication with applicants?

  • What does a sample plan look like?

  • Online job application tracking

    Content Level: Enhance

    Effectively track the progress of applicants through the steps of your online application process
  • Why should we track applications throughout our virtual application process?

  • What can we do if we have a budget for applicant tracking/management?

  • What can we do if we don’t have a budget for this?

  • How can we use online application data to assess the strengths and weaknesses of our recruitment and hiring processes?

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