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Lancaster-Lebanon Reading Olympics

Reading Olympics leadersReading Olympics is a student event designed to promote independent reading skills while fostering collaboration and team-building. After reading the preselected books listed on the IU13 website, teams of 8-12 students accumulate points for every correct answer during three rounds of questioning. Recognition will be given to all participants.

The Reading Olympics is quiz bowl-style event. Teams earn points by answering plot, summary, and character questions about each book on the list. Individual teams should decide their process used to cover the reading materials.


2024 Reading Olympics

Registration for Reading Olympics is now open!

  • Elementary School (grades 4-5) – February 20, 2024
  • Middle School (grades 6-8) – February 21, 2024
  • High School (grades 9-12) – February 21, 2024

All events take place in The Conference and Training Center at IU13.

Please check this page for updates as they are available. For more information regarding this year’s unique event, please contact Megan Smith at

Reading Lists:

Students at Reading OlympicsEvery year, librarians and reading specialists are invited to take part in selecting the books for the following year’s book lists. Volunteers are then recruited to read the books and create questions to be asked at the events. If there are books on the list that you feel are unsuitable for your students to read, then they do not have to read them. Please let us know of these concerns so we can pass along the feedback. During the actual event, though, questions will not be discarded because a team has not read a book. Click below for 2024 Booklists:

Additional Information:

Team Formation: 

Teams are comprised of at least 8 and up to 12 students (Olympians). 

  • Many districts with higher interest than team space have found hosting an in-house/informal Reading Olympics prior to the IU event to be a good way to accommodate learners you may be unable to invite to the final event.

No more than 10 Olympians may participate during each round, with the remaining Olympians as alternate players.

  • All Olympians should participate in at least two rounds.

A Team Captain will need to be selected prior to the event.

  • During each round, the Team Captain is responsible for giving the answer or designating a specific team member, by name, to answer the question.
  • The Team Captain collaborates with other team members before giving an answer.

Event Scoring

The Reading Olympics events are not designed as a competition, but rather a celebration of the reading that has occurred throughout the school year in our counties.

Teams are given the opportunity to answer a total of 60 questions throughout three rounds (20 questions per round).

  • Each question correctly answered counts as 1 point. This means each team has an equal opportunity to answer 60 questions and earn 60 points.  

Ribbon Categories:

  • Blue Ribbon = 50 points and above
  • Red Ribbon = 40 – 49 points
  • White Ribbon = 30 – 39 points
  • Yellow Ribbon = 29 points and below

All events take place in The Conference and Training Center at IU13.

If you are interested in registering for this academic competition, please email Megan Smith at