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Steering Committee

Organizing for collaborative work is ongoing and not something that is done only at the beginning of the year. For CSI and A-TSI designated schools, the submission of a school improvement plan is part of the rhythm of a school year.

And, while stakeholder engagement is something that is emphasized throughout the entire continuous improvement process, sharing the composition of the steering committee within the school improvement plan document is a requirement of ESSA.


The resources and guiding questions below can support a school team in the creation of a steering committee. These resources and questions allow for equitable change within a school as well as meet the federal requirements.

  • Who will provide insight to understand the needs of our students and why our school has been designated for support and improvement?

    The Meaningful Local Engagement Under ESSA Issue 1 and Issue 2 (published by CCCSO and Partners for Each and Every Child) are valuable resources to begin the process of authentically and meaningfully engaging stakeholders.

  • Are there untapped stakeholder groups who are critical to engaging in the improvement efforts? Which stakeholders will bring a fresh perspective to the work?

    The Education Elements resource on “Include” and “Connect” provides tools and ideas to ensure stakeholder engagement is grounded in equity. Additionally, the Great Lakes Equity Center resource is focused on centering youth voices in school change.

  • How will we engage union leadership and union-represented educators and support staff? How will we engage the steering committee in each phase of the cycle of improvement to ensure their voice is represented and they share responsibility for these efforts?

    A School Leader’s Guide to Effective Stakeholder Engagement has an embedded tool for planning and tracking stakeholder engagement, including a communication plan, throughout the improvement process.

The formation and engagement of a steering committee are critical steps in helping to create a plan that is embraced by all internal and external stakeholders.

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