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Pennsylvania Continuous Improvement Resources

Welcome to the Pennsylvania Continuous Improvement Resource Site! 

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) provides each state with enhanced flexibility to designate and serve schools in need of support.

The process of identifying schools for support—termed “Annual Meaningful Differentiation” by the federal statute—results in two federally-prescribed designations, made at least every three years beginning December 2018:

  • Comprehensive Support and Improvement (CSI): Schools facing the most significant challenges in academic achievement, student growth, and other areas.
  • Additional Targeted Support and Improvement (A-TSI): Schools in which performance by one or more student groups is at or below the level of the CSI schools.

This website serves as a resource for school and district leaders, as well as school improvement facilitators and consultants, as part of Pennsylvania’s System for LEA and School Improvement.

Throughout the website, you will notice icons to designate which of the conditions within Pennsylvania’s Essential Practices for Schools and Communities is aligned with the resources and guidance for each aspect of the continuous improvement process:

Focus on Continuous Improvement of Instruction Provide Student-Centered Supports Foster Quality Professional Learning Empower Leadership   



  • Set the direction and prepare for planning:


  • Assess strengths and needs:


  • Develop an evidence-based action plan:


  • Establish structures and systems for effective implementation:

      Plan Implementation      

  • Monitor the plan and determine if adjustments are needed:

      Monitor & Adjust       

  • These one-page documents and resources are available for use with any school or school system:

 One-Pagers and Additional Resources 

  • Current school improvement facilitators may access additional resources here.  Please note, the links referenced here may only be accessible to current school improvement facilitators:

Current School Improvement Facilitators


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