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Serving education, businesses, and the community.

Services Offered Statewide

IU13 offers a variety of services to schools, businesses, and organizations beyond Pennsylvania’s Lancaster and Lebanon counties.

Explore a sampling of these services below. For additional information or inquiries about other services offered throughout the region, state, and beyond, please contact us.

Act 126 Trainings

Child abuse is a serious concern and knowing what to do when child abuse is suspected is an important responsibility for all adults involved with children. This four part video series provides guidance to viewers on how to recognize and react to possible child abuse situations and covers all of the mandatory categories required by ACT 126 in Pennsylvania.

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Adventure Challenge Training Course

This low ropes course designed to offer a variety of learning experiences to develop intrapersonal and interpersonal skills. By participating in the different elements, students and staff develop a sense of trust, teamwork, and community. The low ropes challenges take place on the ground or just a few feet above the ground.

  • IU13 Early Childhood and Special Education Services at 717-606-1738 or [Key Contact: Heather Frey]
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Collaborative Purchasing Services (CPS)

CPS provides schools and public procurement units with a free, one stop purchasing solution, which is both bid compliant and competitively priced. The program offers nine requirement based line item bids, catalog discount bids in over thirteen different commodity categories, and negotiated marketplace contracts awarded by lead agencies.

Conference Center & Services

The Conference and Training Center at IU13 offers space for use by school districts, educational agencies, and businesses. The Conference Center offers state-of-the-art technology and AV systems. On-site event planners, technology support, and customer service staff help to ensure that every event runs smoothly and participants have a positive, professional development experience in an attractive and affordable setting.

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Education Conference

This annual conference provides a variety of sessions for administrators, general and special education teachers, parents, agency personnel, university students and staff, and other school personnel on current topics in special education.

Energy Procurement Programs

This program provides procurement services for electricity, natural gas, and bulk fuels. The program is jointly managed by several industry leading energy experts, IU13 Collaborative Services, and an Energy Advisory Team.

Feeding and Swallowing Difficulties in School Aged Children (3-hour presentation)

This presentation will provide an overview of specific development, neurological and behavioral requirements of safe and effective eating and swallowing. An overview of common feeding and swallowing issues will be provided, as well as an actual video of normal and abnormal swallowing. Assessment procedures, as well as practical and functional intervention strategies for improving and/or remediating eating and swallowing difficulties will be discussed. Opportunities to practice strategies and techniques will be provided.

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Human Resources Bootcamp

Rigorous training on the basic functions of Human Resources.

Human Resources Consultation/Training

Provide districts with knowledge and expertise in a variety of Human Resources related areas.

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Human Resources Audits

Execute a detailed review of Human Resources operations.

Job Training Services

The Job Training Services program provides career-developing opportunities for students with disabilities ages 16-21 years. The purpose of the program is to enhance career awareness, to explore various industries, and to develop work related skills.

McGrath Succeed Leadership Training

The McGrath Succeed Leadership program provides leaders with both practical tools and transformational approaches that allow them to communicate with and lead others to excellence. Through this training, logical thinking and communication models provide a foundation to understand, analyze, and organize complex situations, allowing more time to focus on the substance of issues and relationships with people.

Pennsylvania Value-Added Assessment System (PVAAS)

IU13 serves as the PVAAS Statewide Team for PDE. Their work on PVAAS for PDE includes statewide professional development, technical assistance and consultation to school districts, charter schools, CTC’s, IU’s, PATTAN, and PDE on the implementation of PVAAS. This includes using PVAAS district, school, teacher, and projection reporting for data informed decision making.

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Private Cloud Services

Through the use of IU13 Private Cloud Services, school districts are able to expand and upgrade their technology infrastructure while decreasing operational costs. IU13 Private Cloud Services provide management implementation and disaster recovery of Microsoft Exchange, directory services, and Microsoft Lync.

Professional Development (Customized Trainings)

IU13 provides a wealth of customized training solutions for all of its customers including school districts, nonpublic schools, employers, non-profit agencies, and faith-based organizations. The cadre of talented trainers is committed to helping your organization acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that it needs to succeed in today’s global marketplace.

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Property-Casualty Insurance Pool

The Insurance Pool provides oversight, administrative support, and cost-containment strategies to school entities enrolled in the self-funded property casualty program.

Residential Electricity

This program offers a discounted rate for residential electricity supply to individuals residing in both the PPL and MetEd utility areas.

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Safety & Security Consulting Services

A full range of Safety and Security Consulting Services to help school districts, private schools, or businesses enhance their level of safety and security preparedness. Whether it is developing an All Hazards Plan, conducting vulnerability studies, completing liability investigations, or constructing customized safety and security training, contact us today to see how we may be of service.

Server CoLocation

Protect your data with your equipment at our site. IU13 provides server colocation in our secure, climate-controlled environment. In the event of a disaster, your data can be at your fingertips within hours.

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Social Skills Development, Assessment, and Programming for School-Aged Students with Social Language Needs

This workshop addresses the increasing number of referrals made to the school based speech language pathologists as well as programmatic discussions on current practices, assessments, eligibility criteria, and programming. This workshop is an interactive discussion that allows school district administrators and speech language pathologists to examine their internal processes for programming for students who may have social pragmatic language needs.

Software Sales

Serves school districts across Pennsylvania by providing the opportunity to purchase quality software licenses at significantly discounted pricing. The selection includes instructional software, virus protection software, and basic desktop software packages from popular software companies.

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Tech Talk Live!

Tech Talk Live focuses on the day-to-day issues that technology professionals face in the educational environment. On-target sessions address topics relevant to System Administrators, Network Administrators, Desktop Support Technicians, Application Developers, and Technology Leadership.

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Technology Consultation

IU13 offers high-level strategic technology services, consulting, and leadership to help your school or business meet its unique technology needs. IU13 provides System & Network Administration, Technology Leadership, and Application Development consultation.

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Video Production Services

Professional production services are available to record your event or help create your organization’s next video, success story, commercial, or training series. Services include filming, editing, and event recording. Production can be done in IU13’s on-site production studio or at your event location.

Virtual Server Hosting

IU13 Virtual Server Hosting is a cost-effective, powerful solution. School districts – and others – can lease space on IU13’s enterprise virtual server infrastructure, including the benefits of its fully redundant, secure, controlled environment, and constant monitoring. The result? School districts retain control of their information while sharing the costs of the sophisticated technology infrastructure needed to run effectively, efficiently, and safely.

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Wide Area Network (WAN)

The IU13 WAN Consortium, an organization comprised of more than 20 public school districts and several non-public, parochial, and charter schools, is dedicated to providing reliable high-speed Internet connectivity and network security services to K-12 schools in south-central Pennsylvania. The WAN increases value for all members by leveraging collective buying power and collaboration. Membership is available to any E-rate eligible school entity in Lancaster, Lebanon, and surrounding counties.

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