LEA/District Leaders - IU13
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Serving education, businesses, and the community.

LEA/District Leaders

LEA/district administrators are accountable to serve schools throughout their organization.  LEA/district administrators create the conditions that make it possible for school teams to be more effective in leading school improvement.

PDE’s Theory of Action for School Improvement highlights the LEA’s responsibility to:

  • Establish effective, standards-aligned instructional programs;
  • Support schools and their communities in removing barriers to learning;
  • Customize support systems to meet school-level needs and context;
  • Implement data-informed human capital systems; and
  • Allocate resources based on the needs of individual school and their communities.

The resources included in section serve to guide LEA/district administrators as they:

  1. Review, develop, or enhance district-wide systems and structures
  2. Directly support schools throughout the 6 phases of the Cycle of Continuous Improvement