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Cyber Crucible

Cyber Crucible LogoIU13 has partnered with Cyber Crucible, a leader in Ransomware Prevention, Data Loss Prevention, and Identity Theft Prevention. Using patented behavior-based Rogue Process Prevention technology, Cyber Crucible automatically protects identities and data from theft, and prevents downtime & data loss associated with cyber attacks. Cyber Crucible is a unique product that keeps your data safe, regardless of the attack.

Cyber Crucible’s hyper-automation and machine learning provides organizations with highly effective cyber risk mitigation without manual intervention or supervision.  With our software, security and business managers can dramatically increase efficiency and effectiveness in defending against data extortion attacks.

Even without dedicated experts, our customers still enjoy fully automated protection against identity, data, and ransomware extortion attacks.

Cyber Crucible co-exists cleanly with your existing endpoint solutions.  It automatically configures itself to ensure you receive no conflicts from our software.

Ransomware Prevention

Cyber Crucible alone has the resiliency, the visibility, and the speed to accurately determine if data access is benign or malicious.  While other ransomware capabilities rely on intact backups or data stores to attempt semi-automated recovery of encrypted data, Cyber Crucible’s patented approach prevents damage.

Cyber Crucible automatically stops the malicious program, and only the malicious program.  If the attacker is hiding in another program on the system, Cyber Crucible automatically finds and stops the real culprit.

Business activities continue unharmed without interruption or data loss, with Cyber Crucible’s automated Rogue Process Prevention technology.

Data Loss Prevention

Traditional Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions work by labeling which users have access to what data, which is a never-ending, increasingly difficult maintenance activity.

Cyber Crucible’s innovative approach improves protection, and removes the need for data labeling.  Our behavioral analytics provide a unique, valuable view into program behavior that prevents data theft, before the first file is stolen, in two ways:  preventing the theft of the identities needed to access remote data stores, and preventing the data access of programs which fit the behavioral model of malicious data theft tools.

Cyber Crucible automatically finds and protects data without cumbersome labeling exercises.  It also automatically protects against new attacks.  Other tools learn by watching other people be victims; Cyber Crucible secures automatically and instantly.

Identity Theft Prevention

The Cyber Crucible team observed that your digital identities are under attack.  We have seen over 50% of our customers experience at least one identity theft attempt this year.  Attackers are actively searching for peoples’ passwords, web keys, session tokens, and api keys to steal and re-use access for data theft, personal extortion, and to attack their employers.

Cyber Crucible’s kernel-level rogue process prevention technology monitors for improper credential access, and automatically decides to hide the identity data, or to suspend the offending program.

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