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Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13 has partnered with Anynode to offer a Session Border Control that is entirely a software-based solution. It allows incompatible SIP-endpoints to communicate with one another seamlessly.

Anynode works as an interface for any number of SIP Endpoints like SIP phones, SIP PBXs, and also SIP providers. It converts port and directory information, provides secure connections, routes session traffic, integrates LDAP directories as well as digit manipulation of call numbers.

Pure Software Solution

Anynode is a pure software solution that offers many advantages in comparison to basic hardware solutions such as quick and straightforward access to the user interface.


Outstanding reliability, stability, and availability are the key requirements for ideal communication in every company. Anynode maintains technological partnerships with communications companies. They regularly undergo certifications to remain on the cutting edge for our customers.


Anynode is ideal for all applications. Up to 2000 sessions can be used simultaneously per instance.

SIP-to-SIP User Agent

Using Anynode, multiple SIP user agents can be connected virtually, making communication between incompatible SIP gateways possible.

Benefits of a Software-Based Solution

  • Self hosted or IU13 hosted
  • Instantly available
  • Easy and fast to configure
  • High Available
  • Always up-to-date with software upgrade service
  • Platform-Independent
  • Instantly available
  • Certified for Microsoft Phone System (Teams) Direct Routing
  • Certified for Zoom Phone


For more information contact IU13 Software Sales at or call 717-606-1810.