IU13 has an agreement with Sophos to provide a reliable, more efficient suite of network security solutions. With the launch of their K12 team in 2004, Sophos has been able to provide the kind of attention that school districts require to maintain a healthy, secure network from all angles. The Sophos line of products ranges from Endpoint Security, Email Security, Web Security and also Nac (Network Access Control). The service they provide is unparalleled with their products being fully integrated into their 24x7 365 days per year Virus and Spam Labs operation.

Endpoint Security and Control

Endpoint Security and Control is the solution designed for all different network types. It protects laptops, desktops and servers by detecting, reporting and disinfecting viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware, adware and the ability to control Applications all from one single console. Scheduled and on-demand scanning is provided by Sophos's powerful proprietary virus detection engine, while patented InterCheck technology scans and filters files on access. Sophos provides cross-platform protection (Windows including Vista, Mac, Novell Netware, Linux, etc). Sophos provides quick responses to virus outbreaks with its North American-based lab, technical support team and training facility. 24x7 live technical support is included in licensing; support is not outsourced.

Email Security and Control 

Email Security and Control is comprehensive, flexible and mature mail filtering solutions for school districts, protecting them against viruses, spam and other email-borne security threats. It combines industry-leading anti-virus and anti-spam technologies with flexible policy management and world-class support. The software solution PureMessage or the hardware approach with the Email Security Appliance line enables districts to take greater control of their email traffic resulting in reduced network downtime and productivity loss. Its industry-leading anti-spam technology safely identifies up to 98% of spam resulting in inboxes free of unsolicited bulk emails. With its flexible configuration options allowing schools to define their spam identification and handling policies uniquely (e.g., delete, quarantine, tag and pass), Sophos's technology scans all mail at the gateway to protect the entire organization from email-borne viruses, Trojans, worms and spyware.

Web Security and Control 

You can stop threats before they infiltrate your network. The WS1000 Web Appliance blocks access to malicious websites and scans inbound content quickly and thoroughly to keep new spyware and other malware out. The WS1000 eliminates dangerous and unproductive web browsing with our innovative bi-dimensional URL classification system. With the easy-to-use web-based management console delivering unrivaled insight and control on a single page, you are able to see what's really happening on your network. The WS allows for fast, full-spectrum protection against spyware, viruses, phishing, malware and unwanted content allowing safe and productive web browsing. Our award-winning detection engine delivers a safe and seamless user experience. We are the first vendor to scan and analyze billions of webpages, and uncover and block over 25,000 new malicious sites every day.

Product Pricing/How do I get information about Sophos Anti-Virus?

Pricing information for Sophos may be acquired through IU13 or through Sophos directly. You may download a full version of the software from the Sophos website or acquire a free CD from your Sophos representative. To place an order for Sophos, you need to contact one of the two people listed below for pricing.

Ordering Information

To order Sophos Software, you need to contact one of the two people listed below for pricing. Shipping and handling for all Sophos orders is $7.50.

Sophos Inc.
Ron Connors
Phone: 609-206-1270

Lancaster-Lebanon IU13
Statewide Software Coordinator
Phone: 717-606-1810
Fax: 717-606-1705