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IU13 Statewide Software Sales is pleased to announce a new partnership with Rubrik and ePlus to ensure your M365 data is protected, compliant, and securely managed for long-term retention and rapid recovery.

Ransomware attacks targeting this environment are on the rise, especially among K12 organizations. In fact, the education sector was the most heavily targeted by ransomware attacks in 2022.

Nearly 15% of all schools in the US suffered an attack last year, and the numbers are growing. Now more than ever, threat actors are encrypting, deleting, and exfiltrating data.

Rubrik, partnered with Microsoft, is helping protect over 9 million users globally with air-gapped immutable backups. The impact on K12 organizations? Massive.

Rubrik for Microsoft 365

Rubrik provides policy-based protection of Microsoft 365 via its Rubrik SaaS platform. Built on a zero-trust architecture, assuming all users, devices and applications are untrustworthy and can be compromised, the solution offers unprecedented security, simplicity and performance for search and restore operations across Exchange Online, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams. With Rubrik for Microsoft 365, safeguard from data loss with automated protection at enterprise scale and rapid data recovery to maintain peak availability.

Protect from Ransomware

Rubrik’s secure, air-gapped protection separates your backups from the Microsoft 365 tenant and solution. If data is lost, an isolated backup ensures ransomware recovery readiness and provides the confidence you can restore from a clean copy of your data.

Turbocharge Recovery

Quickly restore Exchange Online, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams data in just three clicks. Easily locate data with global, predictive, file-level search to recover with near-zero RTOs and to maintain business continuity.

Unify Management

Ensure data is secure and always accessible through a single, intuitive dashboard. Eliminate manual job-scheduling and streamline management for tens of thousands of users with one SLA policy across enterprise cloud and SaaS apps.

Secure Setup in Minutes

Rubrik leverages industry-standard modern authentication to establish a secure connection with your Microsoft 365 subscription. All users and organizations are automatically discovered so you can begin assigning policies immediately. Minimize vulnerability as protection assigned at the subscription level is automatically inherited by all managed users.

Policy-Based Management at Global Scale

Assign data management policies with one SLA policy engine for the entire Microsoft 365 subscription, site, or to individual end users. All user-created and default folders in mailboxes within that organization are automatically protected.

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