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Raxco Software LogoThe Ransomware Problem

After a ransomware attack, the operating system and applications must be restored on every infected system, a process that can result in days of downtime and considerable expense.  If organizations can reduce system recovery time, they can resume operations faster, eliminate chaos, and reduce downtime and its associated costs.


InstantRecovery is a software solution that restores the operating system and applications on any Windows platform in the time it takes to reboot. InstantRecovery can restore hundreds of endpoints back to pre-attack condition in minutes.  InstantRecovery creates a bootable snapshot of a machine’s system drive and keeps that drive in a protected folder only InstantRecovery can access.  When ransomware strikes, InstantRecovery boots to the recovery snapshot and restores exactly what was on that machine. No reimaging required.

Some benefits of InstantRecovery include:

  • Operations can be restored faster
  • Downtime and related costs are minimized
  • Institutional reputation is preserved
  • Great remote user support and help desk tool
  • Cost-effective and easy to use

DHS designated InstantRecovery as “Qualified Anti-terrorism Technology” under the SAFETY Act.  The US Navy installed InstantRecovery on 6,000 endpoints at Walter Reed National Medical Center. Lockheed Martin vetted the technology and delivers it with its communications platform for first responders.


Unlike other products, InstantRecovery has a flat annual subscription price for unlimited endpoints. Request a quote today.

Ordering Information

All pricing inquiries should be emailed to softwaresales@iu13.org. There is a $7.50 processing fee for all orders.  Orders for the software must be received on a school purchase order or a copy of the order on school letterhead with signature. All software purchased under this program is for school use only; programs may not be installed on personal computers.

Raxco Software requires a contact name, phone number, and email address on all purchase orders. Orders cannot be processed without this information.