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Cameyo logoIU13 has partnered with Cameyo to provide schools with discounted pricing on the most cost-effective way to deliver apps to students learning from home. Apps like Autocad, Adobe, Office, and more are available to students working from home no matter what device they are using.

Cameyo enables your people to quickly and easily access the Windows and internal web applications they need, securely from the browser, without the need for VPNs. They get the full desktop version of their applications, without the apps needing to be installed and managed on their devices.

Increase Productivity

  • Access to all critical apps from the browser, on any device
  • Seamless user experience for your students
  • Works even on poor home and cellular networks

Reduce Cost & Complexity

  • Eliminate the need for costly infrastructure without VPNs
  • Reduce management costs and simplify user experience
  • 10x cost savings compared to VDI and DaaS

Superior Security

  • Non-persistent servers
  • School/district network separated from end user device
  • Apps delivered from behind the firewall and over HTTPS

Three Licensing Options Available

  • Fully Hosted – No GPU
  • Fully Hosted – GPU
  • Self Hosted

*Individual organizations (districts or other educational organizations) require a 30-user minimum for the initial purchase.

Trial is available for 30 days for both Fully Hosted or Self Hosted options. Contact if you would like to request a demo, a quote, or set up trial.

Upon receipt of your quote, a purchase order should be sent to IU13 for processing and you will be contacted by Cameyo for assistance with set up.